Sarcasm is my only defense.


everyone hates teen wolf until they start watching teen wolf


spnedit: Angels

the angels, they don't care. I think maybe they just don't have
the equipment to care. seems like when they try, it just breaks
them apart.

[demon version]


spnedit: Demons 

They don't want anything,
just death and destruction for its own sake

[angel version]


Dean’s going to make a really gay joke to Cas one day and now Cas is going to chuckle and be like “I understood that”

and Dean’s gay panic will skyrocket

Uhm he’s really adamant about this

Dear advertisements on TV please stop trying to tell me I need to he skinny to be happy cause I can promise you that I’m never happier then when I’m eating cake. You probably just want all the cake to yourself I’m on to you.




there are certain characters/families in the Harry Potter canon that are described as having fair or pale skin, the Potter line isn’t one of them. Harry and James both have canonically jet-black untidy hair but no canon ethnicity. Harry has “great skin”.

someone give me mexican!harry, please


Omg look it’s two female characters with a purpose and emotions and BONUS they also mirror the lead two boys perfectly… I know what we should do. Let’s kill ‘em.